The Overflow

05 May, 2014 0 Comments

The Overflow is my 2012 entry to Sydney’s Tropscore Competition. I created an ethereal, underwater soundscape with haunting vocals and nostalgic undercurrents.

Video: Returning

Laura Somerville is a cinematic songwriter, a screen composer and a music producer from Sydney, Australia. Her versatile musical style has been described as cinematic, reflective and ethereal. However, through her experiences in film music, and by working to meet the varied briefs of multiple directors, she has had the opportunity to experiment in a wide range of genres and musical moods while keeping her artistic personality at the forefront.

Laura has a fondness for wide-open melodies with a filmic feel, and personal, introspective lyrics. Her classical background combined with her contemporary music degree, have allowed her to combine an eclectic range of techniques from classical orchestration to modern synthesised soundscapes. She draws inspiration from a variety of musicians, including timeless composers like Chopin (a personal favorite), the film music of Hans Zimmer, as well as the modern pop artists Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, and Florence and The Machine.

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