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Laura Somerville is a cinematic songwriter, a screen composer and a music producer from Sydney, Australia. Her versatile musical style has been described as cinematic, reflective and ethereal. However, through her experiences in film music, and by working to meet the varied briefs of multiple directors, she has had the opportunity to experiment in a wide range of genres and musical moods while keeping her artistic personality at the forefront.

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Laura Somerville has spent the past few years independently composing, recording and producing the seven contemporary pop songs for her CINEMATIC EP. This new EP draws inspiration from a number of artists, including The Temper Trap, Adele, and Florence and The Machine. She has worked with a variety of talented young Australian singers, from the jazzy Miranda Daisy Hayman , to the finale song’s, Playing With Fire, honeyed folk vocals of Darby.

The result is a beautifully eclectic Debut EP that showcases versatility as a composer. CINEMATIC features songs from across the Contemporary Pop spectrum, from the upbeat pop, (featuring Meri Amber), the dramatic, orchestral (featuring Darby) and the hauntingly beautiful ballad (featuring Laura Somerville herself). All the while Laura’s cinematic, ethereal undertones can be heard throughout.

Laura has a fondness for wide-open melodies with a filmic feel, and personal, introspective lyrics. Her classical background combined with her contemporary music degree, have allowed her to combine an eclectic range of techniques from classical orchestration to modern synthesised soundscapes. She draws inspiration from a variety of musicians, including timeless composers like Chopin (a personal favorite), the film music of Hans Zimmer, as well as the modern pop artists Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, and Florence and The Machine.

Laura has been exposed to music from a very early age. Under her mother’s guidance, Laura experimented with her very first notes on the piano at age four. At seven years old, Laura started formal piano training, and shortly after wrote her very first song. Although the composer now admits that it “wasn´t very good”, it is undeniable that these first attempts at songwriting have served as a foundation for her talent.

Laura’s growing list of accomplishments includes completing Suzuki Method Piano, and in 2012, Laura won Best Original Score at Macquarie University’s Focus Awards for her minimalist piano score for the short film, Spin. Shortly after, in 2013, Laura received her first feature film credit when her original composition was selected for Participate Film Academy’s feature, Torn Devotions.

In 2012, Laura completed her Bachelor of Arts in Media and Contemporary Music at Macquarie University, where she specialised in film production and music production. During this time, she gained an overview of both the music industry and the film industry, determined to get the best out of both worlds.

Through music studies, Laura has been trained in music production techniques and the use of professional studio equipment, effectively becoming her own producer. At the same time, she practised cinematography while working as the Director of Photography for multiple short films, dabbling in the postproduction and building valuable relationships within the film industry.

Laura has come a long way since the first song she wrote as a child and is well on her way to making a lasting impression on the industry.

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